The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 Successfully Ends in Nanjing
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The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 as a platform for trade, learning and sharing ended successfully in Nanjing China, on June 23. During the show, 246 brands showed their products and technologies covering all kinds of outdoor sectors, and 16,541 visitors came from all around the world for the show. More than 197 sessions of forums, meetings and activities were held at the fairground.

Opinions exchanged on Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit 2019

The Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit 2019 was held from June 20 to 21, the first two days of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019. The summit invited representatives from different industries to share their opinions from four aspects - ice & snow, sports, outdoor and running. The topics include "Winter Olympics opportunities and the southern ice and snow market", "featured sports town", "youth sports training", "new blue sea of trend function", "enterprises’ social responsibilities for environmental protection", "the development of extreme sports", "challenges and opportunities of outdoor market", "promotion of high-quality materials to outdoor brands", "accurate weather application", " promotion of competition IPs and brand sponsorship", "delegation empowerment and upgrading", etc. The Summit attracted many outdoor brand representatives, dealers, retailers and trade visitors. The summit was reported online through multiple live broadcast platforms such as Sioeye. More than 3,000 people participated in watching the summit online.

In addition, lectures and sharing on the stage throughout the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 were also very rich, such as the outdoor industry report release, e-commerce platform plan sharing, project promotion release, climbing story narration, public welfare activities, etc.

Brands &products: presenting new trends in the industry

Providing a platform for exhibitors to show and release new products always is the theme of the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show. This year, major brands have brought with them the main products of the current season, the new products of the next season and the latest technology. From outdoor shoes and clothing to accessories, from caravan tents to various service organizations, all can be found easily.

From Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019, it can be found that the main products of various brands reflect several trends in the current development of outdoor products: lightweight, fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Lightweight product design: "reduce the burden of consumers, thus improving the feeling of sports" is the focus of brands. A cloth as thin as cicada's skin, a stove the size of an egg, a cross-country walking stick lighter than iPhone X, a light riding tent weighing only 1.475kg, a carbon storm umbrella weighing only 175g, and a fitness wall of one square meter … these lightweight products enable consumers to enjoy the comfort and ease brought about by technological progress.

Fashionable: IN! OUTDOOR Fashion × Function of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 conveyed the concept of outdoor aesthetic collocation to the visitors, aiming at showing the combination of fashion elements and outdoor functional elements, and further integrating outdoor functional products into the daily fitting of young people. At the show, from street-style waterproof bags to cowboy rock climbing clothing that integrates the elements of China, from NORTHLAND's functional series products to the sports shoes and clothing of Mobi Garden, the Fashion × Function and the outdoor style of the city were attracting the attention of young people. As Zhong Chengzhan, general manager of KAILAS, said at the summit: "At present, fashion brands and sports brands are encroaching on the business of outdoor brands. We can refer to Japan's outdoor market - be fashionable and plain is the inevitable trend of outdoor products."

"Environmental protection and sustainability" is the direction that outdoor brands continue to pay attention to. The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 also actively promoted environmental protection. Products like thermal insulation materials made of 100% recycled materials and 100% biodegradable fabric PrimaLoft®bio and SUNREI lamps recycled from waste outdoor gas tanks won Asia-Pacific Outdoor Innovation Award and appreciated by the audience and media.

The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Innovation Award 2019 selected 44 award-winning products with the most innovative spirit in the categories of Design Award, Classical Design Award, Eco Award, Running Award, Style & Fashion Award and Female Product Award. The award-winning products attracted much attention of media and visitors.

A professional platform for trade: Opportunities in Business Matchmaking

The business matchmaking service of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 built a very accurate and efficient platform for business done between brands and business plaforms, and thus won great praises from brands. Asia-Pacific Outdoor 2019 invited various e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce platforms, including SUNING, Buy Together, 7jia2, SECOO, DangDang, SANFO, ORENDA, eBay, Ali express, Shopee, Wish, Amazon and so on. Presentations and one-on-one meetings were done during the show.

Strategic Cooperation Launched: New Patterns of "Outdoor Plus"

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 constructed a diversified "outdoor plus" mode and started strategic cooperation. Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 not only paid attention to the traditional outdoor sectors, but also covered running and fitness, tourism, ice & snow, sea fishing, water sports and much more sports fields, such as tennis, fencing, roller skating, motorcycles, floorball shooting and so on. Related products were also displayed and experienced on set.

During the show, Nanjing Ningfei Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizer of the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show, respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements with COA, BOOMSKI, and ChinaRedSports, establishing partnerships for the further development of outdoor industry, ski industry, and fishing industry.

The sea fishing theme made their debut at the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show, with fishing equipment, simulated fishing machines, and special sea fishing lines. On the section of ice & snow, there were not only TITTALLON and UHZNUS to show winter equipment, but also dry snow trails to make visitors experience skiing.

Multiple interactive activities: Attract more young consumers

As more and more young people are willing to join nature exploration and participate in various outdoor sports, outdoor sports are more and more popular, which will surely drive the expansion of consumer groups and accelerate the demand of the outdoor market. Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 built different outdoor ecological systems with many brands through scene displays and activity experience, so as to attract more young consumers to come into close contact with outdoor culture and join in outdoor sports.

The Traveling Lifestyle Village integrated resources such as outdoor, tourism, RV & self-driving, camping destination, etc. to create a real tent camping scene, to show their social and entertainment functions of restaurants, bars and parties. Zhu Weiqiang, an outdoor survival expert, was also invited to participate in this fashionable outdoor lifestyle.

Various activities were launched during the show. For example, Demo Rides helped riders to try out superior bicycles from GIANT, SPECIALIZED, LOOK, CANNONDALE, LAPIERRE, PARDUS and so on. KAILAS CUP Amateur Climbing League, children's push bike competition, canoeing experience and other activities were very popular. MOUNTAIN RIVER CARNIVAL of Asia-Pacific outdoor Show was a trend interactive community, where many elements such as food, experience, shopping and competitions built the outdoor atmosphere.

In addition, Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 adopted live broadcast together with the partner Lucktown, and invited a number of brands to share their stories and introduce their products, to create a marketing scene of "live broadcast + content + e-commerce" which is a popular marketing way young people specially are fond of.

Spreading outdoor culture: Pass on a healthy lifestyle

During the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019, the 200-year World Outdoor Sports Exhibition and the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Photography Exhibition showed the history and charm of outdoor sports. Besides, the Happy Teahouse also provided a place for tea and gathering in its own way.

At the closing day of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019, Richard Li, Chairman of Nanjing Ningfei Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., and General Manager of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show said, "I show my great gratitude for all brands, visitors and media friends here. Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 added some new categories, such as fishing, fitness and ice & snow. I hope that Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show will share more information to the industry. Looking forward to meeting you in Nanjing China in 2020. "

For more information, please refer to the website of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show at

Exhibitors’ Comments on Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019

The team of Nanjing Ningfei is very efficient. Such a team is very competitive. I hope Nanjing Ningfei will make Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show better in the future.


Zhong Chengzhan, General manager

There are many brands and products worthy of attention on the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019, which are very representative and also represent the trends of the outdoor industry. As a long-term partner, B.C. Sports hopes to have more cooperation with Nanjing Ningfei in the future.


Chen Chen, Brand representative

Now it is an era of change, and so is the exhibition industry. I believe the exhibition has its irreplaceable value. It’s positive about the value of professional exhibitions to professional brands and trade visitors. Nanjing Ningfei has been working very attentively. My team is very happy to cooperate with Ningfei. Our trust in Ningfei is the reason why we chose to attend Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019.

Black Diamond, Body Glide, MSR, NATHAN, Smartwool, ULTIMATE DIRECTION, VASQUE, Zamberlan, etc.

Lin Xiongjian, General manager

The quality of this year's exhibition is quite good, with a high quality of trade visitors. This is what I am quite satisfied with. The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show is a very important stronghold for us. We look forward to growing and developing together with Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show.


Huang Yiquan, General manager

We are very happy to show our products at the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show. Through those summits and symposiums, we can also introduce our technology. This is a very important platform for us to meet with industry leaders, old customers and potential new customers.


PrimaLoft GmbH

Jochen Lagemann, Senior Vice President and Eurasian Director

At present, the channels are diversified, and the exhibition is an opportunity for everyone to show themselves. With the help of the exhibition, you can understand the industry trends and get together with old friends. Therefore, it is still necessary to attend Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show. Brands should focus on their own products, services and R&Ds, and consider how to make outdoor more interesting and fashionable so as to attract young people.


Mao Huanjun, General manager

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 may have shrunk in size, but the number of dealers we invited has not decreased. I hope Nanjing Ningfei will grow stronger next year and make the exhibition better and better. We will definitely do our best to support Nanjing Ningfei.


Zhang Xihao, General manager

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 did very well in visitor invitation, overall service and the show environment. Many visitors came to our booth. I show my thanks for Nanjing Ningfei. This team is very considerate and made great efforts to organize Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019.


Huang Hewen, Director, Director of Marketing

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 hosted by Ningfei adopted different exhibition modes. The online and offline exhibitions were synchronized, and the live broadcast also showed a good effect. I wish Ningfei's Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show will be better, keep pace with the times, innovate continuously and promote our brand better.


Cao Yun, Chairman of the board

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show is a real Chinese outdoor show. The popularity and scale of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 are good. I hope Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show will grow better in the future. The outdoor industry needs to unite together and promote our outdoor products to the public.


Zhang Kai, General manager

We have cooperated with Nanjing Ningfei for many years. As an experienced outdoor company, we are glad to see some new developments in the industry. We had a press release of the G3 cross-border e-commerce platform during the show this year, which was very successful. I am very grateful to Ningfei.

Gregory, KEEN, Patagonia

Zeng Weigang, General manager

In 2019, we introduced a new camp tent, and set up an outdoor scene at Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show. The camp was very innovative. I wish Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show will be better and better.


Lin Song, Director of operations

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 is helpful to our branding and contacts with retailers and new channel resources, especially the one-on-one meeting with online platforms such as Buy Together and Yunji, which is a highlight this year.


Ye Xiao, Sales Director

I think Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 was great, and the number of visitors at the show was quite large. I wish Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show would be better in the future.


Ye Hong, Sales director

The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 was well organized. Visitors here included both professional peers and potential agents.


Wang Anning, General manager assistant

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 was outdoor-themed. Exhibitors of brands were representative in the outdoor industry, and the trade visitors who come to our booth were of a high quality.


Nie Dapeng, General manager

We hope to make efforts together with Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show to grow this platform bigger and make purchase easier.


Chen Guohua, General manager

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 has realized the power of fashion and began to spend more energy on bringing this outdoor fashion to consumers. I think this is a good concept in the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019.


Li Weigang, General manager

I am very lucky that our product won the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Innovation Award 2019. I believe the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Innovation Award will better promote our products. I hope Ningfei can further develop China's outdoor market in our field. Everyone should work hard together to take part in this career.

Euroschirm, Katadyn, Steiner

Gong Yu, Channel manager

Attitude matters much. I was very touched by the attitude of the Nanjing Ningfei team from the beginning, including marketing, booth location, invitation letter, activities, etc. I appreciate the excellent service of Nanjing Ningfei. I hope we can attend the show in a better way at Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2020.


Wang Chunyu, Director of Marketing in China

I am very happy to attend the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show in Nanjing. I hope our cooperation with Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show will last long.


Jiang Tao, Director of Outdoor Channel

This year, Ningfei has done a good job in marketing promtoion, being more active than in previous years, and all major media have also reported on it. We have brought three brands this year, and we may add other brands in the future, hoping for further cooperation.

Leatherman, Spyderco, Boker

Ye Sui, Assistant

It is a great honor to attend the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show this year. The show was good. We will participate in a better way next year.


Zhang Ying, Assistant to the Ministry of Foreign Trade

We hope to get to know more partners and distributors through our cooperation with Ningfei and through the platform of the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show in Nanjing.


Hu Fajun, Senior manager

We are old friends of Nanjing Ningfei. This year we still firmly support Ningfei and the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show. I hope the show will get bigger and better.

Shen Ao

Peng Hui, General manager

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