KAILAS Joins Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 with KAILAS CUP National Amateur Climbing League Matches
Source:媒体     Pub Date:2019-04-29

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019, organized by Nanjing Ningfei Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held in Nanjing China from June 20 to 23. During the show, one of the exhibitor brands, KAILAS will present a gathering of equipment products and hold the KAILAS CUP National Amateur Climbing League Matches.

The Chinese Mountaineering Association and KAILAS jointly launched the KAILAS CUP National Amateur Climbing League Matches. Rock Point, one of the media focused on climbing, participated in the operation of the matches. VIBRAM, the high-performance rubber sole leading brand participated in the sponsorship. Multi-brand joint promotion and mutual achievements only serve one common goal: to bring the most exciting indoor climbing competition to climbers all over the country!Registration of the matches will be opened in the near future. Relevant event information will also be promoted in climbing communities all over the country.

KAILAS not only promotes the development of mountaineering and climbing in China at the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show, but also insists “endless climbing” in cooperation with various well-known competitions.

The picture comes from: China Climbing League Organizer

Over the years, NFEXPO and KAILAS have become faithful partners as well as brothers who have been supporting each other on their course of growth. At Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show in Nanjing China from June 20 to 23, KAILAS will bring more surprise to everyone. For more information, please visit the website of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show at

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