Business Matchmaking of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show: Cross-Border E-Commerce Session
Source:媒体     Pub Date:2019-05-09

Under the new international economic environment, Cross-Border E-Commerce is able to help traditional enterprises to break regional restrictions, find distributors worldwide, expand sales channels, and better exploit emerging international markets.

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 will specially organize the Business Matchmaking in Nanjing China from June 20 to 23, of which the Cross-Border E-Commerce Session will focus on the outdoor industry development in China and try to expand opportunities for outdoor companies. Three major parts will be included, such as the the Cross-Border E-Commerce Industry Forum, Jiangsu Industrial Belt Zone and Product Matchmaking, to promote the coordinated development of brands and Cross-Border E-Commerce.

The Cross-Border E-Commerce Session is guided by the Cross-Border E-Commerce professional committee of Jiangsu Provincial E-Commerce Association, and is strongly supported by many well-known Cross-Border E-Commerce platforms at home and abroad, such as Ali International Station, eBay, Shopee, AliExpress, Wish, Amazon, as well as many industrial belts of Outdoor, Sports and Travel supplies.

The Cross-border E-commerce Industry Forum of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show will invite experts to analyze the best-selling outdoor products, forecast the market trend through data, fully discuss the skills, talents and management methods required in order to carry out Cross-Border E-Commerce business and systematically introduce the peripheral services of Cross-Border E-Commerce. At the same time, it will also focus on recommending outstanding outdoor enterprises and help them with product promotion to realize accurate trade matching.

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 tries to be closer to the business matchmaking needs of exhibitors and effectively help exhibitors and trade visitors to arrange business cooperation matters during the show.

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Sunny Cao

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