Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 Approaching with Business Opportunities
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Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 will be held in Nanjing China on June 20-23, 2019, organized by Nanjing Ningfei Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd (NFEXPO for short). As Richard Li, Board Chairman of NFEXPO, said, “Every change and innovation, is the beginning of metamorphic growth. NFEXPO is willing to provide a more efficient platform for trade, communication and learning for the outdoor industry, and to breed new hopes for China's outdoor industry. The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 will be a new development opportunity”.

Focus on outdoor field while covering industries of sports, tourism and trend

The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 will concentrate on the outdoor industry and also introduce resources such as sports, tourism and fashion, by setting up villages covering themes of IN!OUTDOOR, Running & Fitness, Traveling, Winter Sports, Water Sports, Sports Bike, Climbing, Fabric & Materials and so on, supported by multi-category interaction and experience activities to further meet the needs of sharing and communication within the industry.

Multi-Measures of Trade Visitor Invitation

NFEXPO team have been taking a series of actions to invite visitors for Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019. First of all, Business Matchmaking Sessions are planned, including the new channel session of community marketing and web celebs marketing, e-commerce & e-commerce channel session, cross-border import and export session, supply chain session and so on, so as to provide the brand with opportunities of sharing multi-channel resources.

Secondly, resources of new visitors are explored. On the one hand, practitioners of industries of outdoor, sports, travelling, skiing and diving will be recruited through City Propaganda Stations. On the other hand, overseas visitors are widely invited. Currently, NFEXPO has established a North American office in Canada and is planning to establish a European office and a Southeast Asia office in the future.

Thirdly, more distributors and solution providers at home and abroad will be invited to meet with brands and companies.

Fourth, the last two days of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 will be open to the public. Outdoor enthusiasts and citizens are welcome to participate in the Mountain River Fair of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 and related experience projects.

Finally, for all exhibitors and visitors to the Asia Pacific Outdoor Show, the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 will launch the Mountain & River Membership system to provide members with more thoughtful services such as trade exchange, media promotion, online cooperation, etc.

Supporting Programs

The supporting programs and activities of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 are constantly optimized and innovated. In 2019, a series of supporting programs are planned, including the Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit and the 5th COA Outdoor China Summit, Mountain River Carnival, Trail Running Race, Asia-Pacific Outdoor Innovation Award, Brands’ New Product Launch 2019, Climbing Competition, Creative Booth Design Competition, Happy Tea House and Outdoor Party, etc.

Multi-dimensional Promotion Matrix

NFEXPO not only has hundreds of industry media partners, but also has independent, mature and multi-dimensional self-media platforms which include WeChat Official Accounts, Sina Weibo, website, EDM newsletter, and a number of online communities. Based on NFEXPO has accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers and thus is providing accurate marketing channels for brands and the show itself. Besides, NFEXPO is actively developing cooperation with more live broadcasts and social platforms, such as the web celebs.

Support from Government and Partners

The NFEXPO team has devoted themselves to the outdoor and bicycle industry for more than a decade. The exhibitions NFEXPO organized have not only been highly recognized by the outdoor industry, but also received extensive attention and strong support from Jiangsu and Nanjing municipal governments, Nanjing Convention and Exhibition Office, Nanjing International Expo Center, Jiangsu Sports Bureau, Jiangsu Sports Association, Jiangsu Outdoor Sports& Mountaineering Association, Nanjing Sports Bureau, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Nanjing Sub-council, Nanjing Sports Industry Federation, Nanjing Cycling Association and so on.

Since 2019, NFEXPO has been establishing cooperation with outdoor organizations, associations, textile committees and chambers of commerce in different countries. Up to now, Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 has reached agreements with Taipei Textile Show TITAS, America Outdoor Association and Japan Sportec to further realize the sharing of resources, mutual promotion of outdoor brands at home and abroad, and to promote positive interaction within the industry.

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 and the NFEXPO team are looking forward to meet the whole outdoor industry on June 20-23 in Nanjing China, to discuss industry trends, share industry resources, and prospect the future of the industry! For more information, please visit the website of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show:

Richard Li

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