Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019: Build a Multi-Category Water Sports Village
Source:市场     Pub Date:2018-09-29

When summer comes, programs about water sports increase on different Satellite TVs. To a certain extent, the rise of audience rating of these programs reflects the needs and potential of water sports.

According to the Report on the Value of China Sports Events 2017, the mainstream water sports are mainly rowing, sailing, surfing, canoeing, motorboat, and drifting. Generally, participants in water sports in China are still in the minority, but the target groups are mainly middle class or even above who averagely has a high level of consumption ability. The Future Plan of Water Sports Industry reveals that the volume of the water sports industry is anticipated to reach RMB 300 billion by the year of 2020. The profit potential of this industry is worth expecting.

The upcoming Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 will build a multi-category Water Sports Village, displaying paddles, canoes, water bicycles and so on, covering not only product display but also information exchange.

One of the highlights of the Water Sports Village is the display of water sports products. With delicate layout, this is the essence of the village. Exhibitors here can collect direct feedback and order intentions from trade visitors.

The second highlight is the function of all-around experience. Firsthand experience creates a connection between products and visitors, through which visitors can have fun and give direct feedback.

The third highlight is the link to accurate and effective trade visitors. ZBCool, which is a professional platform for testing products and is also Nanjing Ningfei's partner, will be invited to provide testing service for awarded products of the outdoor show, release testing reports and send them directly to trade visitors. In this way, feedback from visitors can be collected and be passed on to brands.

Another highlight lies in the new product release and demonstrations. With trade visitors and media gathering together at the show, it is an excellent opportunity for new product release. Meanwhile, the functions of products can be displayed by demonstrations.

The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show invites every outdoor friend to the fairground in Nanjing China, especially the Water Sports Village for industry information and experiencing various water sports.
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