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At the end of 2008, a new 5-star exhibition centre was opened in Nanjing. As one of the most modern exhibition fair-grounds in China, the Nanjing International Expo Centre is located in Nanjing Hexi New Town, within sight of the Olympic Sports Park (venue for the Youth Olympic Games 2014).

Nanjing Hexi New Town constitutes the modern part of Nanjing on the Yangtze River. Visitors can reach the new Nanjing Expo Centre from the Downtown via subway within 10-20 minutes. The entrances of two subway lines are just 5 minutes off from the exhibition centre. The new expo centre has hotels close by, and is next to the highway to the airport.

Nanjing International Expo Centre is mainly used for exhibitions and conferences. It is divided into three parts: exhibition hall, conference center and supporting service facilities, covering a total area of 54 hectares. Magnificent and grand, it is characterized by its unique architectural style of “a coiling dragon or a crouching tiger” through integration of the world’s latest exhibition concepts with geographic characteristics of Nanjing.

Located in the CBD (commercial business district) of Nanjing, Nanjing International Expo Center is designed by TVS Company of USA, incorporating the design philosophy of conference & exhibition at the highest level in the world. This center boasts a developed system of communications, a prompt and convenient system of transportation, as well as an advantageous environment of humanism and geography. Incorporating such two functions as exhibition and conference, the interior of the center consists of eight single-floor exhibition halls and a conference center incorporating exhibition, conference, food & beverage and hotel. In addition, this center has 5760 exhibition stands of international standards, an outdoor exhibition venue covering an area of 30000 square meters and 2500 parking spots.

The first stage of the project includes six exhibition halls, a conference center and a multi-purpose exhibition hall. The six exhibitions halls, which cover a floor area of 20000 square meters, are divided into three groups along the main-axle cloister, and two adjacent exhibition halls will share a huge entrance hall. The indoor exhibition area of the first stage of the project is about 80000 square meters. Each exhibition hall can not only be used independently, but also apply to flexible small-scale exhibitions. In addition, it can be used together with other exhibition halls for large-scale exhibitions. Each exhibition hall has a conference room with powerful functions, the office for exhibitors, the area for food and beverage, the room for storing spare parts, toilets and other auxiliary service facilities.

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