Running Forum of Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit 2019
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Along with the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show that will take place in Nanjing China from June 20 to 23, the Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit 2019 will also be held in the same place onJune 20 and 21 to provide more development inspiration for the sports industry and share cutting-edge information with the industry.

There will be four forums in the summit, including sports, winter sports, outdoor and running. Here is the information of guests and topics of the running forum of Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit.

Road running has been popular in the past few years, contributing to the leap-forward development of the running industry. In the Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit 2019, we will pay close attention to the running industry, invite big names in the running industry, analyze the current development of the running industry, boldly predict the future development prospects of the running industry, and share valuable information based on our own development experience.

Topic: Demands on Matches of Brands

Time: 11:20 a.m. June 21

Guest: Wang Xuanlv

Wang Xuanlv has a history of eight years in the media industry, joined the sports industry two years ago, and is currently the brand-marketing director of Hangzhou HAK Sports Science and Technology Co., Ltd. She has unique experience in promotion of matches of brands. HAK focuses on the functional research and innovative design of classified functional sports socks. Carl, the founder, has been devoted to the sock manufacturing industry for 30 years and has successively developed and launched dozens of professional sports socks and products such as "road running, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, basketball, riding, compression armguard and legguard". In recent years, HAK has continued to deepen the road racing market, sponsored Chongqing Marathon, Hefei Marathon, Xuanzang Road Gobi Challenge, HK100 Cross-country Race, 13th Winter Games and other major events, and successfully held the HAK Hangzhou 24-hour ultramarathon Gold Cup. At present, HAK has spread over 60 million people and its influence is expanding rapidly.

Topic: How to Realize the Propaganda for Sponsors of Races

Time: 11:40 a.m. June 21

Guest: Huang Sichen

Huang Sichen is the founder and chairman of Beijing BEETLE International Sports & Culture Co., Ltd., partner of Prestigeangel Investment Management Co., Ltd., director of Z. H. Island, founding director of CHINA HERITAGE, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

His company has successfully independently developed three major star competition IPs: X-Mudder muddy obstacle competition, D.O.W warrior medal, ARC OF BODY (A.O.B), launched a series of variety shows and made a top star cross-border sports women's group Ss Girls. In 2015, he invested Beijing BEETLE Media Co., Ltd., and played the role as a partner. Beijing BEETLE Media is a professional public relations service team that puts in media online, plans and disseminates new media, plans and implements socialized marketing and offline activities, and integrates professional public relations services. Based on sports and combined with entertainment, Beijing BEETLE Media is committed to building a customized marketing service platform in China and tailor-made exclusive service experience for customers.

Topic: Empowerment and Upgrade of Running Groups

Time: 12:00 a.m. June 21

Guest: Liang Feng

Liang Feng is the co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Joyrun, and a continuous internet entrepreneur. He is a diver, a lifelong member of Hong Kong Gun Association and Guangzhou Gun Association, and holds a Class I certificate for off-road vehicle driving. He has participated in the Arctic Marathon, Bordeaux Marathon and other international events more than once.

He once worked in Guangzhou Electronic Seventh Research Institute, engaged in mobile communication related work, and presided over the formulation of various standards in the domestic communication field.  From 2010 to 2013, he devoted himself to the spring tide of sports entrepreneurship and jointly established a sports service platform "Love Sports" with his partners. In February 2014, Liang Feng officially launched Joyrun as a co-founder.

Joyrun has become the only authorized online partner of the Chinese Track and Field Association and has participated in the promotion and operation of almost all major marathon events in China. Currently, Joyrun is positioned as China's sports data platform. Its core product Joyrun APP has more than 80 million users and 25,000 registered runners, covering 2100 cities around the world. Joyrun insists on using creativity and professionalism to make sports more enjoyable. It lays out a variety of sports fields such as running, cycling and triathlon. It is committed to providing all-round services to sports lovers through mobile Internet applications, sports social activities and online and offline events.

For more information, please pay close attention to the latest information of Asia-Pacific Sports Industry Summit 2019 which will take place on June 20-21 in Nanjing China.


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