The Brand Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show is Donated to COA
Source:媒体     Pub Date:2019-06-07

On June 3rd, 2019, the 6th meeting of the second session of China Outdoor Association (hereinafter referred to as COA) was successfully held in Moganshan in Zhejiang province. After the vote of the COA members, COA accepted the donation from Nanjing Ningfei International Exhibition Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "NFEXPO") on the brand of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show. COA will hold the brand of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show and authorize NFEXPO to continue to operate the show. COA will actively support NFEXPO to organize Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show by providing guidance on the strategies, activity plans, forum themes and other important contents of the show.

COA is an association initiated and established by the main members of Purple Mountain Asia Outdoor Forum in 2013. The initiating members include TOREAD, KAILAS, B.C. SPORTS, MOBI GARDEN, SCALER, etc. In 2015, COA established the first board of directors, with Mr. Sheng Faqiang from TOREAD as chairman.

In 2015, COA released group standards of down for the first time: designated high-quality down standards, accredited down procurement channels, designated down inspection agencies. Products that pass the test will be hung with "COA tag" and provide consumers with high-quality down products with COA certification for outdoor sports.

COA also launched an environmental protection public welfare activity of "Fresh Air Only", to appeal people to participate in environment protection and lead a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

COA holds regular meetings to exchange industry information and ideas. The "Three-One Declaration" was put forward to promote the healthy and stable development of China's outdoor industry together by supporting "three platforms and one standard".  At the 6th meeting of the 2nd session, COA updated the contents of the " Three-One Declaration ". The Three platforms include the outdoor show that supports the development of COA, COA Outdoor China Summit and Outdoor Sports League. The One standard is the group standard for outdoor product.

Regarding this cooperation between COA and NFEXPO, Huang Geng, chairman of COA and president of Nanjing B. C. SPORTS, said, “COA, as the brand holder of the "Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show", will provide more abundant resources and projects for the exhibition, hoping to promote China's outdoor industry to a new level through this platform and exert more energy for industrial progress. COA hopes NFEXPO, as the organizer of the show, can shoulder this important task and provide a comprehensive platform for brand dealers and distributors to trade, learn and communicate.”

Li Hao, chairman of NFEXPO, said, “NFEXPO will certainly make every effort to pool more resources to build a diversified, professional, accurate and creative Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show for the industry with the strong support of COA.”

It is reported that most brands of COA members have confirmed to attend Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019 that will be held in Nanjing China from June 20 to 23. The signing ceremony COA and NFEXPO will take place on the morning of June 20.

For more information, please visit the website of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show at

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