“Supply Chain Strategy Event”of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019
Source:市场     Pub Date:2018-09-29

Supply Chain Strategy Event, a featured area of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019, aims to share successful experience, discover new force and connect every link in the supply chain for working out strategies for the China outdoor industry chain.

The Supply Chain Strategy Event program made its debut during the Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2018, in which a number of raw material suppliers, material and fabrics manufacturers, designer studios, ODMs and OEMs actively participated. They provided integrative solutions for brands of products and helped brands save on development and manufacturing costs.

In 2019, the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show will keep the features of the Supply Chain Strategy Event, gather the links on the supply chain and help them contact brands for business, based on the supplier resources that Nanjing Ningfei has accumulaed.

Different types of sub-exhibitions and demonstrations are planned to support the Supply Chain Strategy Event program.

First of all, in the Themed Village of Supply Chain Strategy Event, raw materials, textiles, fabrics, accessories and even the finished products for online elections will be selected and then be displayed together where trade visitors with researching and purchasing purposes can have a direct look. Companies, agencies and even individuals competent to integrate the supply chain are welcomed to participate and show their strength by displaying finished products. Experts and visitors will be also invited to give comments, drawing attention to the upper suppliers from distributors and consumers.

Second, there will be demonstrations of the mature upsteam companies. It is estimated that more than 70 material and fabric companies, over 3000 OEM visitors and a number of designer studios will come for meeting more than 300 exhibiting brands of clothing at Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show.

Third, it is worth mentioning that the show organizer will hold the outdoor design evaluation through online and offline channels, and organize high-end seminars, closed meetings on the industry chain and matchmaking, to strengthen the communication in the industry chain.

Last but not least, the show organizer will also help upstream companies to hold workshops on products selected. Meanwhile, press releases through the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show's media channels will help the products to be promoted.

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