Running Village of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019
Source:Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show      Pub Date:2018-09-29

In the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta, the Chinese athletes achieved good results in the track and field events; for example, Xie Wenjun, Wang Chunyu and Su Bingtian won the first place respectively in different running games. Running has always caught people’s eyes in recent years. The fact that the amount of runners is increasing year by year and various running events are emerging certainly will accelerate the development of the running industry and further improve people’s competitiveness in running.

Review: Running Village 2018

Nanjing Ningfei Inte’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., the host of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show, has always been paying close attention to the running trend. The outdoor shows Nanjing Ningfei held in the past years have been a platform for brands, media, KOLs and runners to communicate and share information, and the supporting programs about running were also well accepted.

For example, the Shinning Run that took place in the early morning on the second day of the show in 2018 was a gathering for runners to communicate and for brands to plan marketing activities; running experts of the Running Forum shared their opinions on the status quo of the running industry and future development tendency.

The Running Village covered all categories of running products, including running clothes, sports glasses, backpacks, kettles, caps and so on. The display, experience and explanations of products enabled runners to learn the details of the running equipment. Representatives from sports media were also present at the Running Village to share their firsthand information about the running industry with runners, brands and events organizers.

Running Village 2019: for More Potentials

Running, accepted as a healthy lifestyle, has formed into a chain of running economics linked products, Marathon, cross-country races and tourism. This new pattern provides brands and companies with alternative ways for propaganda and local government with approaches to promoting local culture and stimulating consumption. However, the questions of how to find a suitable position in this wave of development, how to organize creative and popular running activities and how to provide professional service for runners need further consideration. Meanwhile, it is also of great significance that the runners keep running rationally without following suit.

The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show, hosted by Nanjing Ningfei Inte’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., will continue to build the Running Village in 2019. With a pattern of Presentation-Sharing-Learning and Experience, the Running Village will organize different interactive activities, such as presentation of new equipment from the running brands and media, running industry forums for information sharing and brainstorming, and Shining Run for runners to communicate with each other. In brief, Nanjing Ningfei will be committed to pushing forward the China running industry by building the Running Village.

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