The 5th COA Outdoor China Summit: Focus on Outdoor Industry 2019
Source:市场     Pub Date:2018-09-29

The Report on the China Outdoor Market Research and Future Prediction 2017-2022 made by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute reveals that the China outdoor market slowed down its growth after the explosive development during 2009 to 2012 and has stepped into the adjustment period in recent years when the market competition has been growing fierce. In addition, the universal rise of online sales and consumption upgrade in the economy exerts great impact on the traditional outdoor industry system. In this phase of change, some brands have been eliminated while the others that concentrate on the core outdoor have stabilized their position in the market.

In the face of such severe market situation, the future development has been a big concern of the outdoor insiders. The COA Outdoor China Summit is right a platform to talk about industry issues. Every year, the organizer of the COA Outdoor China Summit invites representatives from outdoor brands, industry experts, innovative industry and capital investment industry to share their opinions, experience, innovative ideas and future planning. Since the debut in 2015, the COA Outdoor China Summit has been the compass for and a big annual event in the outdoor industry.

Look back the 4th COA Outdoor China Summit organized by Nanjing Ningfei, which took place in Nanjing on June 27, 2018. The Summit was themed on issues of outdoor consumption upgrade, functioning trend and the wide market space. Huang Geng, chairman of COA and president of B.C. Sports, said, the market changes resulted in the upgrade of the consumption in the China outdoor industry and obvious changes in consumption channels, tendency and consumer groups. How to take the challenge and seize the opportunities was worthy of constant attention, he added.

Huang Geng, chairman of COA and president of B.C. Sports

The outdoor industry is connected to many other industries like education, entertainment, tourism and culture. At present, the needs of consumers are mainly on the functions of products while functions for outdoor sports are right the core of the mainstream outdoor products. From this perspective, the tendency of functional and fashionable clothing will right lead the needs direction of consumers to a big extent. There is big space for the market to grow.

Nowadays, the popular tendency of the outdoor industry is mainly about being environmental, comfortable, for daily use but with fashionable design, equipment designed for women, color and style, multi-functional with technological elements, etc. In the field of outdoor events and activities, “outdoor plus” has been the mainstream, such as outdoor plus tourism, outdoor plus life, etc. Marathon, cross-country races, hiking and riding has been held in historic villages and scenic regions; outdoor camping is connected with musical festivals. We can see that creative outdoor activities with certain themes have been more popular with people.

Will these tendencies encounter any changes in 2019? Which direction will the future outdoor market develop in? How do the outdoor companies build their own featured products, activities or brands while following the market trends? How do the companies dig deeper the industry or find another way out? There are a series of questions and problems in the outdoor market. Nanjing Ningfei, together with COA, will hold the 5th COA Outdoor China Summit, to try analyzing these problems by inviting outdoor experts to interpret the future tendency and put forward constructive suggestions based on their experience, data analysis, and interpretation of policies. Stay tuned.

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