Asia-Pacific Outdoor Industry Award 2019: Focus on the Excellent
Source:市场     Pub Date:2018-09-29
Asia-Pacific Outdoor Industry Award is founded to be an industry platform to introduce innovative products to the outdoor industry and raise those outstanding ones in the limelight. Winners will benefit a lot through this platform.

First of all, all the awarded products will be displayed together in a golden area as a “Show in Show” program at the fairground of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show. It is also convenient for award winners to collect direct comments and order intentions from trade visitors.

Secondly, awarded products will be displayed through offline distributing channels, such as Sanfo outdoor shops, so that consumers will have chance to know more about the awarded products.

Thirdly, the show organizer will invite ZBCool which is a professional platform for product testing to provide testing service for awarded products, release testing reports and finally send them directly to trade visitors. In this way, feedback from visitors can be collected and passed on to brands.

Fourthly, winners will benefit from the maximum exposure through the marketing channels of the show organizer. The awarded products are expected to be reported by the media partners of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show, including more than 300 industry media, over 100 international media, KOL self-media etc., by means of topic reports online, on the magazine, on TV and the radio.

Last but not least, winners will benefit from different promotion activities of the award, for example, excellent display locations, the use of the award logo and flags, report and interviews from the media partners, awarding ceremony, displaying in Sanfo outdoor shops, introduction on the winners’ brochure and so on.

Excellent outdoor products reflect the creativity and imagination of designers, which deserve close attention. Being a highlight of Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show, Asia-Pacific Outdoor Industry Award is build to be a platform to introduce the innovative and cutting-edge products to the industry, and also provides marketing opportunities for the award winners.

If the entries for the award are from exhibitors of the outdoor show, the information of these entries will be added to the Highlight Brochure that will be distributed to all visitors and media friends during the show.

The Asia-Pacific Outdoor Industry Award categories include Golden, Silver, Eco, Best Product for Woman, Running Sport, Innovation for Material, Product for Kids, and Water Products, presented in clothing, shoes, running, backpacks, mountaineering, camping equipment & water sports, and accessories.

The jury panel consists of domestic and international experts in the outdoor industry. Juries will place a particular focus on such evaluation criteria as the degree of innovation, design concept, workmanship, choice of materials, environmental compatibility and safety. Two-stage evaluation of the entries will be done to finally select the best ones for the award.

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