Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019: Climbing Challenge
Source:Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show     Pub Date:2018-09-29

At the 129th IOC Session that took place in August 2016, it was decided that five sports, sport climbing included, would be added to the programme for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. The IOC Executive Board said these sports combined with city sports were very popular with young people in Japan and all over the world.

Asia-Pacific Outdoor Show 2019: Climbing Challenge

The International Federation of Sport Climbing has over 80 members and more than 35 million participants at present. The climbing market is mature and huge, and has formed a certain industry system in the Europe, America and Japan. The number of climbing enthusiasts takes up about 15% of the outdoor consumers in the U.S. In recent years, climbing has been very popular in China too and thus quite a few influential climbers stand out, of which Zhong Qixin is one. He won the IFSC Worldcup 2015, broke the world records for six times, and won the World Championships for four times. At the Asian Games in Jakarta 2018, he won the first place with a score of 5.82 seconds in the preliminaries of Men Speed but missed the Gold medal for a mistake in the finals. However, he still deserves the name, Speed Zhong.

Zhong Qixin once said, “As the Image Ambassador of Climbing, I have the obligation to promote climbing. I hope to invite more people to climb through my own efforts”. This is also what Nanjing Ningfei wants to do and is doing by holding the outdoor show, on which platform the outdoor industry people would see how the climbing industry is developing. During each show, a large number of visitors are attracted to the Mountain Village to watch the Climbing Competition or Bouldering.

In 2018, Nanjing Ningfei, together with COA and KAILAS, held the COA CUP KAILAS Bouldering during the show. Xie Weicheng and Tang Min were invited to serve as the chief Routesetter. More than 70 climbers participated in the competition and showed their climbing strength. Both the teenager group and adult group tried their best to challenge themselves and enjoyed the pleasure of struggling while breaking through.

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